Hanson, Calvin



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Hanson, Calvin

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Hanson, Calvin

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Hanson, Calvin

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The 25th Anniversary Celebration

Photograph of former president Calvin Hanson addressing the assembled guests from behind a microphone in the gymnasium during the 25th Anniversary Celebration, taken from the side

Board of Governors

Photograph of members of the Board of Governors with President Cal Hanson in the Arts and Science Building Snack Bar.

Faculty and Staff meeting

Photograph of the founding president Calvin Hanson sitting on the right during a monthly faculty and staff meeting being held in the cafeteria


Photograph of former presiden Calvin Hanson standing behind the podium on the stage in the guymnasium while addressing the audience

Calvin Hanson presenting a degree

Photograph of President Calvin Hanson presenting a female student with a degree/certificate, with Enoch Mattson looking on in the background

Awards presentation

Photograph of coach Don Tavolacci handing a trophy to President Cal Hanson.

Speaker at the 25th Anniversary Celebration

Photograph of alumnus Diane Denney addressing the assembled guests during the 25th Anniversary Celebration taking place in the gymnasium; Neil Snider and Calvin Hanson are seated on the right

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