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OttawaWatch 113: Deb Grey, Wes McLeod et al.

Article synopsis: Discusses a few topics, including the 18th anniversary of Deborah Grey's 18th election to the House of Commons, commonly known as the grand dame of the then-emerging Reform party. The article discusses Green Party Elizabeth May intention to run in the next Federal election in Nova Scotia's Central Nova riding. Wes McLeod, who ran for the Reform in the 1988 election is discussed and his involvement with the Manning Centre. Lastly, the article briefly mentions two faith/political events held in the Manning Centre.

OttawaWatch 25: Fiscon Francis waves the "scary" flag.

Article synopsis: Analysis of Diane Francis, fiscal writer for the Financial Post, prediction that the Conservatives were too scary to win the next federal election and countered with suggestions that she as to why she was likely to be proven wrong.

OttawaWatch 359: Those other robocalls.

Article synopsis: Discusses robocalls and whether the calls allegedly made during the 2011 federal election campaign by one “Pierre Poutine” were placed on behalf of one particular party, Guelph Liberal MP Frank Valeriote.

OttawaWatch 53: On the run.

Article synopsis: Discusses the upcoming Federal election on January 23, 2006 and encourages Christians to learn more about Conservative leader Stephen Harper.

OttawaWatch 59: Leaders meet an essay "challenge".

Article synopsis: In lead up to the 2006 Federal election, Faith Today ran essays by the three major English-speaking federal leaders who were asked "What role do you think faith should play in developing public policy? And what place do religious institutions have in contemporary Canadian society?" The article discusses the answers.

OttawaWatch 60: The saga of Surrey North.

Article synopsis: Discusses the 2006 Federal election riding of Surrey North that may determine whether the Conservatives form a minority or majority government. The riding was held by the former Chuck Cadman and the 2006 electorates included Penny Priddy of the New Democratic Party and David Matta for the Conservatives.

OttawaWatch 62: A city socon option.

Article synopsis: Discusses the 2006 Federal election results and analyzes why that the Conservative governing party was unable to break through in Canada’s three largest cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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