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Enarson, David


Enarson, David

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Chapel renovations - interior

Photograph of David Enarson and workmen pointing up at the ceiling of the chapel. At this time, the wooden pews were being removed and replaced with folding seats

Board of Governors

Photograph of board members with their spouses at the entrance of the Arts and Science Building; included are William Johnson, John Bjorkstam, Kenneth Mathys, David Enarson, Delbert Reimer, and Enoch Mattson.


Photograph of Dave Enarson standing at a table picking up his regalia for a grad ceremony

Slide 2 - School for Canada Committee on farm property

Slide of School for Canada Committe members standing in a field with a calf. Present, among others, are David Enarson, Pastor Cahill, and possibly Perry Havens. According to the accompanying slideshow presentation transcript, "Three committee members surveyed pasture land in the Langley area. David Enarson noticed that Pastor K. Hill [actually Walter Cahill] was taking off his shoes. When asked why, he answered, 'I am walking on holy ground.' It was this deep spiritual conviction of a select few that led to the purchase of the Seal Kap Dairy Farm.

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