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Audio / Visual Collection

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  • Soportes múltiples

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CA TWU Coll. 02

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  • [1966-2006] (Creación)
    TWU Archives

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Descripción física

  • ca 264 video cassettes
  • ca 317 audio cassettes
  • ca 100 DVDs / CD-ROMs

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(1982 -)

Historia administrativa

The TWU Archives was informally established in 1982, on the strength of grant funding acquired by Library Director David Twiest, who began to accummulate school records, as well as the archival records of Robert N. Thompson; in 1982-1983 he hired a contract archivist to begin to manage these materials.

For some years, very little work was accomplished, owing to a lack of funding.
In 1988, Ted Goshulak accepted the position of reference librarian; his responsibilities included general oversight of the archives department, which was by now established as part of the library.
In 1994 Ms Stopforth was hired to work on a part-time basis as reference librarian and archivist. Between 1995 and 2014, Stopforth successfully applied for over $47,000 in provincial and federal grant funding, which was applied to salaries, shelving, supplies, and computer hardware and software. Student assistants were hired with funding from the Work Studies Program, a provincial program that was cut ca. 2002. Stopforth resigned from this position in 2019. In February 2019, Ms. Krause succeeded as University Archivist and Assistant Librarian.

Historial de custodia

These recordings have been donated to the Archives by various individuals and departments, including the President's Office, University Communications (later Marketing and Communications), Development, and Admissions

Alcance y contenido

This collection consists primarily of audio and video cassettes which document the people and events of TWU, including graduation ceremonies, conferences, reports, oral history interviews, presentations by guest speakers, and lectures presented by TWU faculty.
The collection consists of two series:
01: Audio
02: Video

The CDs and DVDs are unprocessed; descriptions have not been added to the online database

Área de notas

Condiciones físicas

Origen del ingreso


  • Audio cassettes were separated into two sub-series (Speakers and Events) and were arranged in alphabetical order by title within each series up to April 2005; after this date, audio cassettes were filed in order of accession, and in 2012 the sub-series were decomissioned as the categories were deemed unhelpful and difficult to differentiate
  • Video cassettes were arranged in alphabetical order by title up to April 2005; after this date, video cassettes were filed in order of accession

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  • Brief descriptions of audio and video cassettes have been entered into the archives database, accessible online
  • In 2010/2011 a project was undertaken to provide content notes for the newly digitized audio cassette collection; these were added to the brief descriptions, and are accessible online
  • Transcripts exist for some audio recordings; these are filed in Fonds 41 in hard copy, while PDF copies have been linked to their respective recordings

Materiales asociados

See also specific fonds and collections (The Legal Challenge Collection, the Mel Smith Papers, the Robert N. Thompson fonds) for information re audio/visual materials belonging to those fonds and collections

Materiales relacionados


More accruals to this collection are expected

Nota general

Title information is taken from the cassette labels, and is often very limited - particularly with respect to the video cassettes - as archival staff have not had the opportunity to view the majority of these materials

Nota general

Video cassettes are stored in filing cabinets (repurposed microfilm cabinets); audio cassettes are stored in boxes on B 4 S 1 and B 5 S 1

Nota general

Note that there are four boxes of non-standard format, unprocessed audio and video cassettes stored in Bay 24

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