Collection Coll. 10 - Artifacts and Objects Collection

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Artifacts and Objects Collection

일반 자료 지정

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CA TWU Coll. 10

판 영역


판사항의 책임사항

자료의 특정한 부분

범위 사항(지도제작)

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주제 관할과 액면가 (우표)

영역 생산 일자


  • 19-- to 2019 (Creation)

물리적 기술 영역

물리적 기술

In process

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기록물 기술 영역

보관 이력

Items in this collection were acquired by the Archives from a variety of sources, including various departments, students, staff, administrators, faculty and alumni.

범위와 내용

The collection consists of a wide variety of objects and artifacts that are related in some way to TWU. These include - but are not limited to - items of clothing, memorabilia, framed and mounted works of art, [in process]


물리적 상태

Physical condition of items varies.

수집의 직접적 출처


Objects that have been processed have been labelled and assigned identifiers. Many are housed in boxes in Locked Storage.

기록물의 언어

자료 규약

원본 소장 위치

다른 포맷의 이용가능성

접근에 대한 제한

이용, 재생산 및 출판 관리 용어


Items that have been processed have been described, with records entered into the Archives database

관련 자료

Transfer forms, donor correspondence, and other associated documentation - where available - are filed in Fonds 41

관련 자료

추가 이관

Further accruals to this collection are expected.

일반 주기

An inventory project was begun in September, 2017 [in process]

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October 28, 2017 ss

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