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Dr. Jonathan Lewis

Photograph of Jonathan Lewis, Director of the ACTS Inter-Cultural Ministry (AIM) Studies at Trinity Western Seminary (TWS); he is holding two books he has written.

Construction site of the library

Photograph of administrator Bert Friesen and another man checking the forms at the construction site of the new Norma Marion Alloway Library

Fall convocation

Photograph of Ken Davis and Don Page in the recessional for convocation.

Guy Saffold and Bob Burkinshaw

Photograph of Guy Saffold, Executive Vice President, and Robert Burkinshaw, Dean and history professor, standing in front of the (provincial?) Court of Appeal & Supreme Court during the Legal Challenge / Education court case

Neil Snider and Dwight Johnson

Photograph of Dr. Neil Snider and Dwight Johnson, Director of Church Relations, standing in front of the Chapel, shaking hands

Founders' Week

Photograph of Ken Lawrence holding the microphone for Dr. Enoch Mattson, the first Registrar, during Founders' Week

Neil Snider and administrator

Photograph of president Neil Snider looking at papers while standing with David Anderson, special advisor to the president and former president of Northwest Baptist Theological College,

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