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Tenure Reception

Photograph of Provost Bob Wood and President Bob Kuhn with professors Tracy Stobbe and Allan Thorpe. Stobbe and Thorpe had just been awarded tenure

Trinity personnel on Community Day, August 2012

Photograph of TWU faculty, administrators, and staff, posing on the lawn in front of the library and bell tower, during the annual Community Day event. Many are wearing their 50th Anniversary t-shirts

Scholarship winner Courtney Bogress

Photograph of Courtney Bogress receiving the Tuition Prize Scholarship Award for 2014-15 from Brian Kerr. Spartans' mascot Sparty and Bogress's parents are also pictured

Kim Franklin and Ken Pudlas

Photograph of Dean Kim Franklin with Education professor Ken Pudlas. The BC Ministry of Advanced Education had just approved TWU's application to offer a new Master’s degree. The Master of Arts in Educational Studies – Special Education was s...

Richmond campus tour

Photograph of TWU administrators and others at the unfinished Richmond Campus. Those pictured include Paul Lermitte, Linda Long, Phil Laird, Sheldon Loeppky, and Rob Thomson. The unidentified woman second from right is likely a representative of t...

The donation of a 450-year-old Torah scroll to TWU

Photograph of TWU personnel with Torah scholars and donors on the occasion of the November, 2014, gift to the University. Those pictured include Marty Abegg, Bob Wood, Kent Clarke, former President Neil Snider, Paul Weme, and - front right - donor...

Bob Kuhn and Brian Kerr

Photograph of President Bob Kuhn presenting Vice President of Enrolment Brian Kerr with a Rooted and Reaching award during the annual on-campus Community Day

Bert Burgess and Derek Dawson

Photograph of Maintenance staffer Bert Burgess receiving a Rooted and Reaching award from Vice President of Business Affairs Derek Dawson, during the annual on-campus Community Day

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