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Experiential and Embodied Learning Council (EELC)

  • Entidad colectiva
  • 2013-

Experiential and Embodied Learning Council (EELC) develops and monitors the standards and best practices for experiential and embodied learning in both the curriculum and co-curriculum. In addition EELC, develops, monitors, consults on and reviews policy related to experiential and embodied learning, including pragmatic issues related to risk management; oversees curriculum and co-curriculum related to work integrated learning (Co-Ops, Internships, Practica, including TWU student employment and leadership opportunities); develops and monitors implementation of the Co-curricular Transcript; develops assessment tools, rubrics and guidelines for evaluating experiential and embodied learning and shares these with UAC, GAC, the Learning Commons and Student Life; and, develops monitoring processes for compliance with standards for experiential and embodied learning experiences within the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Library Committee

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The Library Committee serves as a liaison between faculty and the University Librarian to advise the University Librarian on matters of library policy, and works to increase the utilization of library resources.

Graduation Committee

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The Graduation Committee served to coordinate graduation weekend; in particular, formal pictures of the senior class, the chapel service in consultation with the campus pastor, and the Baccalaureate and Graduation Service with assistance from both the President's and Dean's offices.

Admissions Standards and Academic Probation Committee

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The Admissions Standards and Academic Probation Committee served to advise on matters as foreign student enrollment, TOEFL score standards, enrollment projection procedures, admission standards and testing. In addition, the committee made decisions one the admissibility of all students with special attention to: a) students with marginal academic preparation; 2) students who are required to write Letters of Petition for re-admission. The committee also recommended and administered academic probationary regulations, and reviewed petitions from students appealing academic disqualifications.

Division Chairmen and Department Heads Committee

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The Division Chairmen and Department Heads Committee acted as the long-range academic planning committee, involving establishment of priorities for curriculum development and programs, including research on the feasibility of expanding to a four-year college. In addition, the committee established measures to encourage continuous assessment and improvement of teaching, reviewed graduation requirements, determined the allocation of budgetary resources and maintained control on expenditures for each division and department, assisted in the development of the course time-table and examination schedules, and acted as an advisory body to the Academic Dean.

Raymond, Jonathan

  • Persona
  • ca. 1950-

President, Trinity Western University 2006-2013
President Emeritus and Senior Fellow 2013-present

Raymond is a cross-cultural social psychologist. He earned his BA in Psychology from Asbury College and his MA in Social Psychology (1972) and PhD in Cross-Cultural Psychology (1975) both from the University of Kentucky.

President Raymond served on the faculties of the University of Maryland (1975-76), Arizona State University (1976-1980) and the University of Hawaii (1980-1990). He was Dean of Faculty and Chief Academic Officer at Gordon College in Wenham, MA (1990-1993) and the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Greenville College (1994-1999) in Illinois. Most recently, Dr. Raymond served as President and Vice Chancellor at Booth College (1999-2006) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Raymond was a research scientist fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health (1972-73). While at the University of Hawaii, Dr. Raymond established and served as Director of the International Centre for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research and taught epidemiology in the Graduate School of Public Health. During that time he was awarded tenure and promotion to full professor. In addition, in 1986 the royal family of Thailand awarded Dr. Raymond with a medal in recognition of his contribution to the health of the people of Thailand and Asia.

Dr. Raymond has been associate editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health and a consulting editor of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. He is co-editor of The Salvation Army’s journal of theology and ministry, Word & Deed.
Raymond has served with a variety of boards and organizations, including, The Salvation Army, Hawaii State Department of Health, U.S. Public Health Service, UNICEF, World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and Arizona’s Office of the Governor.
Dr. Raymond and his wife Irene have two children.

Forrester, Glen

  • Persona
  • 1948-

Served as Executive Assistant to the President from 1993 to his retirement in 2008

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