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Del Monte

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Mars Hill staff

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  • 1962-

The history of the student newspaper goes back to Trinity Junior College's earliest days.
The purpose of the newspaper staff - comprised primarily of students, often overseen by a staff or faculty member - was to create a periodical publication featuring stories of interest to Trinity students. The paper has gone by many names over the course of the school's history, including the TJC Pioneer, the Salmon River Digest, the Echo, TWU Today, and Mars’ Hill.

Research and Academic Support Subcommittee (RAS)

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  • 2009-

The Research and Academic Support Subcommittee accepts, reviews and recommends potential University Senate agenda items, receives and reports to Senate on policy compliance as required, and provides guidance to appropriate “downstream” entities on development and support of academic research and scholarship. In addition, the RAC proposes policies related to academic research and scholarship; and receives and ensures the evaluation of strategic academic research and scholarship plans from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and designated areas.

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