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Dueck, Darin

  • Person

Originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Darin Dueck has called Vancouver home for the past 12 years. Having an educational background in cross-cultural communication and leadership & ethics matched with a love for the photographic medium, Darin's desire is to follow in the documentary tradition and capture images that move the viewer to become a person of influence--an agent of positive social change.
Darin's work has taken him though North & South America, Europe, and Africa with upcoming adventures in the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and Australia.
Source: (ca. 2007)

Enrolment Management

  • Corporate body
  • 1986 -

Enrolment Management integrates and oversees the functions of student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and student retention efforts.
From 1986 to 1988 Dr. Guy Saffold served as the University's first Director of Enrolment Management; From 1988 to September 1995 (alternate sources list 1992), Dr. Saffold served as Vice President for University Advancement, overseeing Enrolment Management, Public Affairs, and Development. (Alternate sources record that in 1992 Saffold became Vice President of the University, and Dean of Trinity Western Seminary.) In 1989, Dr. Arvid Olson returned to TWU after a three-year absence to become Director of Enrolment Management. He served in this capacity for three years.
In 1999, Ron Kuehl was listed in the University Calendar as Vice President for Enrolment Management; in 2000 he was Vice President for Marketing and Enrolment Management, and according to the 2003/2004 calendar he served as Vice President for Enrolment Marketing and Strategic Projects.
In 2004, Jeff Suderman was appointed Vice President for Enrolment Management. (Source: email announcement from Neil Snider, August 12, 2004)
According to an update from Jeff Suderman, March 6, 2006, Corwin Koch was appointed Associate Vice President of Enrolment Management (after working as Financial Aid Director for four years) overseeing data services, enrolment marketing support, enrolment technology and service integration. Brian Kerr was appointed Director of Undergraduate Admissions (former Associate Director of Financial Aid) and Tim Shulba was appointed Enrolment Management Marketing and Communications Manager.
Suderman left Trinity in August of 2006, at which time it was announced that the position of Vice President for Enrolment Management would be closed immediately. "The admissions/recruitement functions for undergraduate, graduate and seminary and comprehensive enrolment planning will transfer to Ron Kuehl VP for External Relations effective immediately, along with the Financial Awards office." (Email from President Jonathan Raymond, August 3, 2006)

In 2006, Corwin Koch, who had been serving as interim coordinator for enrolment management, became Associate Vice President for Enrolment Management.
Marilyn Crone was serving as University Enrolment Consultant in 2008, in addition to her role as Acting Senior Vice President, Enrolment Advancement

An April 2009 email listed the following Directors:
Undergraduate (Brian Kerr)
School of Graduate Studies (Warren Ralston)
Graduate School of Theological Studies (Liisa Polkki)

On May 11, 2009, it was announced that "Dr. Todd Erickson has been appointed as Vice Provost and will provide senior leadership for marketing and enrolment management ... In his new role, Dr. Erickson will superintend the Enrolment Department, and oversee the marketing activities of the University while continuing to serve in his current leadership role in the Provost's Office."
The same message announced that Marilyn Crone would be resigning as of September 2009.

One sacrifice that affects many is to not have the heads of Enrollment Management and University Communications filled at this time. For the next one to two years, Derek Dawson will provide direct leadership to these areas of the University.
Both Brian Kerr, Executive Director of Admissions, and Laura Havercroft, Director of Admissions Sales Support, have assumed expanded roles. Laura has taken responsibility for managing our transfer student support processes and admissions events in addition to her existing responsibilities in admissions data services, admissions-related marketing, and online engagement. In addition to undergraduate admissions, Brian will assume leadership over our graduate and international (non-TWU Extension) recruiting through a newly-created role of Director of Graduate and International Recruiting.
Source: email from Interim President Bob Kuhn, July 18, 2013

In December 2016 it was announced that "Brian Kerr has been promoted to Vice President of Enrolment Management."
Source: email from Scott Fehrenbacher, Senior Vice President External Relations

Executive Committee/Coordinating Committee

  • Corporate body

The Executive Committee is a sub - committee of the Board of Governors that was established ca. 1962 to advise the President.
In September 1979 the Board of Governors decided that an Executive Committee be formed to aid in decision making policy and attend to business matters that arise between scheduled Board meetings. The functions of this body include formulating viewpoints for consideration of the Board, coordinating the work of committees, setting agendas for the Board, catching signals for change that the administration might miss, etc. In 1982 the Board of Governors decided that the Executive Committee would be comprised of the Chariman of the Board and the Chairmen of each Board sub - committee. In the 1990's this body also assumed the responsibility of orientating new Board members.

Experiential and Embodied Learning Council (EELC)

  • Corporate body
  • 2013-

Experiential and Embodied Learning Council (EELC) develops and monitors the standards and best practices for experiential and embodied learning in both the curriculum and co-curriculum. In addition EELC, develops, monitors, consults on and reviews policy related to experiential and embodied learning, including pragmatic issues related to risk management; oversees curriculum and co-curriculum related to work integrated learning (Co-Ops, Internships, Practica, including TWU student employment and leadership opportunities); develops and monitors implementation of the Co-curricular Transcript; develops assessment tools, rubrics and guidelines for evaluating experiential and embodied learning and shares these with UAC, GAC, the Learning Commons and Student Life; and, develops monitoring processes for compliance with standards for experiential and embodied learning experiences within the curriculum and co-curriculum.

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