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British Columbia Social Credit Party

  • Corporate body
  • 1949-

The British Columbia Social Credit Party was first registered as the British Columbia Social Credit League in 1949. Lyle Wicks was the first President of the League. In 1951, after crossing the floor and leaving the B.C. Conservative Party, W.A.C. Bennett joined the Social Credit League. When a provincial election was called in 1952, the League chose Rev. Hansell of Alberta as Leader during the term of the election. Social Credit won 19 seats and the C.C.F. party won 18. The elected Social Credit Caucus chose W.A.C. Bennett as their Leader. He became Premier of British Columbia on August 2, 1952. The Social Credit Government had its first session in January 1953 and was defeated on the “Rolston Formula” a bill concerning Education. A new election was called and Social Credit won.
Social Credit continued as government, with an election held every 3 years, until 1972.

Canadian Evangelical Theological Association

  • Corporate body
  • 1990 -

In May, 1990, approximately sixty scholars, pastors, and other interested persons met together in Toronto to form a new theological society. Arising out of the Canadian chapter of the Evangelical Theological Society, the new association established itself as a distinctly Canadian group with the name "Canadian Evangelical Theological Association" (CETA). CETA sponsored its first conference in Kingston, Ontario, in May 1991, and published the first issue of what was to be a semi-annual newsletter.

The purpose of the association is to provide a forum for scholarly contributions to the renewal of theology and the church in Canada. CETA promotes theological work which seeks to be loyal to Christ and his Gospel, faithful to the primacy and authority of Scripture, and responsive to the guiding force of the historic creeds and Protestant confessions of the Christian Church.

Membership in CETA is open to all persons who are in agreement with the purposes of the Association.
Source: CETA brochure, revised May 1998

Presidents of CETA have included:
Dr. John Vissers (1990-1992),
Dr. John Stackhouse (1992-1994),
Dr. Glen Scorgie (1994-1996),
Dr. Gordon T. Smith, (1996-1998),
Dr. Doug Harink (1998-2000; 2000-2002; 2002-2003),
Dr. Hans Boersma (2003-2004),
Dr. David Guretzki (2004-2008),
Dr. Tim Perry (2008-2009),
Jeffrey McPherson (2009-2011),
J. Richard Middleton (2011-2014)
August Konkel (2014-2015)
Marion Taylor (2015-

Canadian Society of Church History (CSCH)

  • Corporate body
  • 1960-

Founded in 1960, the Canadian Society of Church History (CSCH) is a non-denominational association dedicated to promoting and encouraging research in the history of Christianity, particularly the history of Christianity in Canada. Over the years, the Society’s annual meetings have provided a forum for Canada’s leading historians of Christianity.

In 1967, CSCH published a selection of papers delivered at its annual meeting in a scholarly journal entitled Historical Papers: Canadian Society of Church History.

CSCH maintains contact with la Société canadienne d’histoire de l’église catholique, the Canadian Catholic Historical Association, the American Society of Church History, the Canadian Historical Association, and the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion. CSCH is a member of the Canadian Corporation for the Study of Religion.

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